[Too much protein powder]_ Eat too much _ Impact

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[Too much protein powder]_ Eat too much _ Impact

Do not eat too much if you eat protein powder normally, because if you eat too much, it will not play a role in health care. It will have certain adverse effects on health. For example, eating more protein powder may affect the stomachThe risk of accumulating urinary tract stones, so we should pay attention to this aspect. In addition, as an ordinary person, the usual diet can basically guarantee the replacement of protein, let’s understand this content.

Eating protein powders in excess of protein can increase the risk of cancer, such as rectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, kidney cancer and lung cancer.

Eating too much animal protein such as eggs, milk and meat can also induce hypertension.

And patients with gout and liver and kidney failure must limit protein substitution.

It ‘s dangerous to eat at will. “At present, most urban residents in developing countries do n’t have the problem of insufficient protein.excess.

“” Excessive protein increases urinary calcium excretion, which increases the risk of kidney stones.

And fitness people take a lot of protein powder, egg whites and other high protein health products or food after muscle training, there is a similar danger.

“There is no need to supplement the” Residential Nutrient Supplements for Chinese Residents “. The recommended daily protein intake per adult is 65?
90 grams, or 10% of total energy?
12% can meet metabolic needs.

In addition, protein intake varies depending on the age, weight, and labor intensity of the person.

“The best food sources of protein are fish, meat, eggs, milk, soy and nuts.

“As a result, as long as people are healthy, their diets are normal, and they are not partial to picky eaters, they will be able to obtain a sufficient amount of protein from natural foods without having to eat extra protein powder.