【Gastrodia elata with tofu】 _effect_effect

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【Gastrodia elata with tofu】 _effect_effect

Gastrodia Chenpi Tofu Laoya Tang is a good soup tonic, which can nourish the body, because Gastrodia can treat the nervous system, regulate the neurological problems of many people, can also cause sleep, treat cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.It promotes digestion and dissolves the greasiness in the soup. The combination is perfect.

Gastrodia effect 1.
Effect on the central nervous system: Gastrodia extract has obvious anticonvulsant effect on pentaerythrazole array; Gastrodia replacement can eliminate the degree of epilepsy induced by massanide in rabbits.

Gastrodia injection has sedative and sleeping effects.

Cardiovascular effects: Gastrodia has a certain degree of dilation of coronary arteries and branch blood vessels. Gastrodia injection connects rabbits with decreased blood pressure, slowed heart rate, increased cardiac output, and decreased myocardial oxygen consumption.
The role of cellular energy metabolism, especially in gaining energy under hypoxia.
There are also anti-inflammatory immune effects.

The nutritional effect of Chenpi The bitter substance of Chenpi is “Lemonoid” like limonin and bitterin. This kind of limonoid has a mild taste, is easy to dissolve in water, and helps digestion of food.

The rind is used when seasoning.

Its bitterness is reconciled with other flavors to form a unique flavor.

Chenpi contains volatile oil, orange peel blend, vitamins B, C and other ingredients. The volatile oil contained in it has a mild stimulating effect on the metabolic tract, can promote the secretion of digestive juice, eliminate gas accumulation in the intestine, and increase appetite.

Chenpi is also a commonly used traditional Chinese medicine, which has the effects of ventilating the spleen, drying dampness and phlegm, relieving tiredness and retaining fragrance, and reducing vomiting.

Dishes with delicious dishes, delicious duck skin, glutinous meat on the duck skin, sour and refreshing radish, and unique flavor. Raw materials: old duck, sour radish soup dipping sauce dish preparation: Generally use spicy sauce as seasoning oil dish.

According to personal preference, you can use spicy sauce for spicy food, sesame sauce for sweet taste or sesame oil and garlic for your own sauce dish.

The common method of old duck soup is to choose the old duck, so it is easier to remove the ducky smell. Generally speaking, the duck is more than one year old. The pickled radish is also particular about the amount of pickled radish, depending on the size of the duck.The time must also be different.

Because they are the main seasoning material for this dish, the requirements are higher.

Ingredients: 1800 grams of duck, 900 grams of pickled radish, one piece of ginger, and four or five peppercorns.

Production process 1, the old ducks are taken out of the internal organs, washed, cut into pieces; washed with water and sliced, the ginger is rotten for later use.

2. Pour the duck pieces into a wok and stir fry until the water vapor is collected (no need to add oil).

3. After the water is boiled, pour the fried duck and radish, add the prepared ginger and pepper.

4. Add the duck cubes and soup into a pressure cooker and cook.

Note: The classic method is to use a saucepan to simmer for an hour or two. Here, to save time, cook in a pressure cooker.

Production Tips 1.

Duck pieces should not be too large, it is advisable to have convenient entrance; 2.

Cook until the duck is crispy.