[How to taste onion]_How to taste_ 小 妙招

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[How to taste onion]_How to taste_ 小 妙招

Ingredients such as onion are irritating and can effectively remove odors, so we can use the value of onions to eliminate odors in the room or the room.

In life, if you want to eliminate the problem of odor in the room, we can use the method of slicing onions, or soak pineapple or black tea in the pot. These methods can all absorb the odor. You can try it.

Onion can remove odor 1, onion, sliced, sprinkled indoors or in the cabinet, can smell odor.


Black tea, soaked in a basin and placed indoors, can smell odor.

(It is also possible to sprinkle the tea leaves in the room.) 3. Pineapple, sliced, sprinkled indoors or in a cabinet, can smell strange.

4, 300 grams of black tea, hot tea, two basins of water, added to the living room, and opened the window to ventilate, the formaldehyde content in the room will drop by more than 90% within 48 hours, the pungent odor is basically eliminated.

5, buy 800 grams of granular activated carbon in addition to formaldehyde.

Divide the activated carbon into 8 parts, put them in a plate, put two or three plates in each house, and basically remove the indoor odor in 72 hours.

6. Prepare 400 grams of coal ash and add it to the room where formaldehyde is to be removed after packing with a washbasin. Reduce the formaldehyde content to a safe range within one week.

The above method is also suitable for homes without odors after decoration. After all, some harmful substances are colorless and odorless. As long as they are clean, they are safer.

7, put the brewed tea inside the refrigerator, you can achieve the deodorizing effect.

If you do not have tea leaves, you can also cut lemon or oranges, as long as half a small piece can be effective.

In addition, if you wipe the inside of the refrigerator with a cloth moistened with beer, the odor will disappear.

8. Placing green plants in the family’s bathroom can achieve the effect of regulating air and eliminating odors.

It is best to grow a pot of green plants on the glass, or put a vase and insert three or five flowers, which can bring a fresh and pleasant feeling.