[What foods contain more collagen? Those foods are high in collagen]

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[What foods contain more collagen? Those foods are high in collagen]

For women, they should add more collagen, because young women’s skin collagen is always a lot, but as time goes by, women’s skin collagen will become less and less, and even aging.

And most female friends are unwilling to see themselves aging. Eating more foods with overlapping collagen can effectively prevent aging.

And what foods contain the most collagen?

What are the foods that contain a lot of collagen? 1. The animal’s dermis can be supplemented with collagen and can be widely used at low cost.

Pig skins, animal skins such as cows and sheep, chicken skins, duck skins and other poultry skins, and fish skins are rich in high-quality protein. You can put ordinary protein, soup, or skin jelly.

Pig skin generally has a special taste, chicken skin and other poultry dermis are slightly higher in content, fish skin may have a fishy smell, and the price of fish skin is generally not too cheap. The processing of leather and other food is cumbersome. Choose according to your diet.
2. The wings and claws of birds are mainly composed of bones, tendons, dermis, etc. The muscles and aunts are very few, and the largest content is collagen.

In fact, like chicken wings, chicken feet, duck’s paw, duck wings, goose’s paw, etc., are good sources of collagen supplement food.

3. In addition to the animal’s bone, the calf of the animal, the tendons, fascia, and dermis covering the bone, all have skin proteins.

Therefore, pig calf, sheep calf and calf calf are common.

4. Animal tendons and fascia are collagen connective tissue and plasma collagen.

Common foods of this type are burdock, beef tendon, deer tendon, and trotters.

5. Animal spine and bones, especially cartilage, also retinal collagen.

This type of food comes from a variety of sources, such as pig skulls, leg bones, spine bones, chicken bones, duck bones, fish heads, fish bones, beef bones, sheep bones, and so on.

This type of food is usually stewed in soup.

6, fish collagen content is very high, especially some deep-sea fish, which contains a lot of collagen.

And fish scales are also rich in collagen and are the most abundant, but are generally inedible.

The collagen content of fish skin is second, but ordinary fish cannot peel fish skin, and many people do not have the skillful skinning technique; the content of fish head and fish bone is also high; and the collagen distribution in fish meat is very unevenMost of the collagen is concentrated in the abdomen, which is the fish carp, and the underside of the cheek.

Therefore, you can usually eat more fish and drink more fish soup.

7, animal muscles also have a large amount of collagen, but other tissues, because of the large muscle mass, the collagen content is low.

Pork, beef, chicken, duck, fish, etc. are usually eaten a lot, so collagen is supplemented silently, although the content is low, but the amount of consumption is large, and the supplement is also considerable.

Note that collagen is in lean meat, not fat.

Vegetarians are better off adding lean meat.