[Can pregnant women eat popsicles]_Ice Pops_Pregnancy_Can I eat

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[Can pregnant women eat popsicles]_Ice pops_Pregnancy_Can I eat

Popsicles are very popular in the hot summer season, because they have a cold taste and many flavor options.

It is not suitable for pregnant women to eat popsicles, because the main ingredients of popsicles are some food additives, and they are frozen foods, which can easily cause stomach and stomach discomfort in pregnant women.

Can pregnant women eat ice cream?

The answer is not absolute.

Ice cream is a kind of cold food.

When the weather is very hot, eating ice cream can relieve the heat and relieve the excessive heat.

So experts believe that pregnant women can eat ice cream in summer, but pay attention to the right amount, depending on their physical conditions and volume of the cold things.

There are two main reasons why pregnant women should eat less ice cream during pregnancy: The first point is that pregnant women have weak body functions. After eating too much cold food, it is easy to make the injection blood vessels suddenly contract and reduce gastric juice secretion.Digestive function is reduced, and symptoms such as abdominal pain and diarrhea appear.

Modern medical research shows that voltage is very sensitive to cold stimuli. When pregnant women eat cold food in excess, the fetus has a restless response.

Although it is said that pregnant women do not reach the level of premature or small births, eating too much will definitely cause discomfort. After all, pregnancy is a special period.

The second point: pregnant women’s nose, throat, trachea and other respiratory mucosa are often congested with edema. If you eat too much cold drink such as ice cream, the congested blood vessels suddenly shrink and the blood decreases, which can cause local resistance to decrease, which can cause latencyBacteria and viruses in the throat, trachea, nasal cavity, and mouth take the opportunity to pass by, causing throat soreness, cough, and headache.

In severe cases, it can cause upper respiratory tract infections or induce tonsillitis.