[Vegetable salad without salad dressing]_Vegetable salad_Home cooking _How to make

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[Vegetable salad without salad dressing]_Vegetable salad_Home cooking _How to make

More and more people like to make salads by themselves, but most people use salad dressings when making salads. In fact, salad dressings are not a must-have for salads, and vegetable salads that do not require salad dressingCan do it.

First, the material cabbage, raisins, salad dressing, radish practice 1, shredded radish, pinch the cabbage.

2. Pour shredded radish and cabbage into a bowl, add raisins and mix with salad dressing.

Second, the classic vegetable salad material cucumber, carrot, sweet corn, salad dressing, salt practice 1.

Carrots are peeled and cut into small dices; cucumbers are washed with salt to remove the outer skin and cut into seeds; the sweet corn is flaked 2.

Put the diced carrots and sweet corn into the pot and cook, draining and draining water 3.

Cucumber dip in cool white open for a while 4.

Diced carrots and corn kernels, mix with diced cucumber, season with salt5.

Add salad dressing and mix well.

Third, assorted vegetable salad materials cucumber, tomato, asparagus practice 1.

Wash all kinds of vegetables and soak in cold water + salt for 15 minutes.


The asparagus is slightly hot in boiling water, and then immersed in cold water.


Cut the vegetables into your favorite style and serve in a large bowl.

Place the dressing or salad dressing in a small bowl and mix with the vegetables when you want to eat.

4. Avocado vegetable salad 1, shredded purple cabbage, onion and bell pepper shred 2. Mix the seasoning sauce in a small bowl, set aside 3, peel the avocado and seeds, cut into small pieces 4, and pour the salad intoLike the bowl.

5. Pour seasoning sauce.

6. Serve.

7, avocado and vegetable salad.

Five, garden vegetable salad 1, wash carrots, gherkins, shavings 2, roll carrots, gherkins into circles 3, red rolls of lettuce, green rolls of lettuce, wash small bean seedlings, tear small leaf iced cherry tomatoes,Peel pearl onions, white broccoli, Hongxi mushrooms, white mushrooms, and corn bamboo shoots for 4 seconds, then chill. 4. Take a disk and place red rolls of lettuce, green rolls of lettuce, small bean sprouts, cherry tomatoes, pearl onions, and white.Broccoli, Hongxi mushrooms, white mushrooms, corn shoots, gherkin slices, carrot slices are painted with vinegar paste and orange mustard oil and vinegar sauce.