[Eating the impurities of Ejiao cake]_Hazard_Bad

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[Eating the impurities of Ejiao cake]_Hazard_Bad

Many women eat some Ejiao cakes every day to replenish qi and blood, because Ejiao cake is a kind of good for women’s body.

Eating more gelatin cakes can even replenish qi and blood, and can also achieve the effect of beauty and beauty.

There are also many types of gelatin cakes, and the price of each kind of gelatin cake is different. Some gelatin cakes are particularly expensive and therefore the prices are relatively expensive.

But what kind of alternatives can there be from eating gelatin cake?

1. The effect of fire poison gelatin is more, but after taking gelatin, some people will have a vigorous performance, such as a lot of hot sores in the lips, nasal cavity, etc., or the eyes are red, dry, and the eyes are increased., And even a variety of symptoms such as dry throat and constipation or blood in the stool.

If the above symptoms are caused mainly by taking fresh gelatin.

2. Indigestion Everyone knows that Ejiao has many effects in life, but it is worth noting that because Ejiao is tired, taking Ejiao has the function of hindering the digestion of the spleen and stomach. If there is indigestion, the stomach is full and the diet is not fragrant.People, you should take gelatin cautiously.

Chinese medicine practitioners believe that taking gelatin is best combined with medicines for conditioning the spleen and stomach, such as tangerine peel, Amomum villosum, and Pelan, to eliminate or reduce the adverse effects of gelatin on the spleen and stomach.

3. Forbidden during menstruation. Regardless of the effectiveness of Ejiao, female friends must not take Ejiao during menstruation. Ejiao has both the function of nourishing blood and stopping bleeding.

In our vernacular, it is said that the period is bleeding. If you take gelatin at this time, it may cause a large increase in menstrual flow. Individual sensitive people will have the risk of blood collapse, and may have shortened menstruation and menopause.

We need to know that if a female friend’s menstrual period is abnormal, it will cause internal secretion disorders, so it is easy to get sick.

4, aggravating the cold If a large amount of taking lead to various symptoms such as acne, dry mouth, etc., especially during colds, remember not to take gelatin, this can make your condition worse.