[What is the effect of thorn pear]_ benefits _ advantages

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[What is the effect of thorn pear]_ benefits _ advantages

Prickly pear is a kind of pear and a fruit that many people like to eat.

The content of nutrients in C. prickly pears is relatively abundant. If eaten in a proper amount, it can achieve complications such as beriberi, treatment of oral diseases, night blindness, and infertility.

So, why can Prickly Pear achieve these effects?

Details will be introduced below!

First, the onset of beriberi, vitamin B1, also known as methionine, is one of the six major vitamins necessary for the human body. It is the body’s normal life and metabolism of non-metabolizable nutrients. Deficiency of vitamin B1 can cause beriberi: peripheral neuritis, causing organsAnd organizational distortion.

It is manifested as cardiovascular, digestive tract, nervous system and other organ disorders, while the pear contains vitamin B1 of 10.

05mg / 100g, often take prickly pear juice or fresh fruit can supplement the deficiency of vitamin B1, can cause beriberi.

Second, the treatment of oral ulcers is rich in vitamins, and vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin, is the most vitamin in many foods. When the human body lacks vitamin B2, it often suffers from oral ulcers, and the content of vitamin B2 in pears juice is 0.

3mg / 100g, regular consumption of fresh pear fruit or pear juice can prevent and treat oral inflammation.

Third, carotene for treating night blindness is the precursor of vitamin A, which has the physiological activity of vitamin A. Lack of vitamin A can lead to stunted children, night blindness and low autoimmunity.

The average content of carotene in thorn pear is 0.

13mg / 100g, up to 3.

56mg / 100g, taking Prickly Pear can prevent and treat vitamin A deficiency.

Fourth, to treat infertility Vitamin E (reproductive phenol) is an element necessary for normal metabolism of the body, maintaining the integrity of the central nervous system and vascular system, and many physiological activities. The role of vitamin E is diverse, and its performance in reproduction is particularly obviousIt can promote the secretion of sex hormones, increase the sperm vitality and quantity of men, and it also helps to have male infertility.

It can increase women’s estrogen concentration, increase the chance of pregnancy, and have a certain therapeutic effect on male and female infertility.

There is also a lot of potential vitamin E in C. pear, and it also plays a role in improving the body’s ability.