[Nutrition required by the human body every day]

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[Nutrition required by the human body every day]

We all know that the human body needs daily supplements to maintain normal life activities. Different nutrients in the human body can cause various diseases if certain nutrients are in the body.Trace elements, to see if there is nutrition, especially children can not eat nutrition during the growth process, then the human body needs these nutrients daily?

5 types of basic nutrition: 1 protein: the daily protein supplement should be 10% of the total conversion.

Recommended total daily intake is 55?
65 grams.

2. Sugars: The absorption of sugars depends on the needs of individual transfer. The total migration of 45?
55%, not more than 20%.

3. Aunt: The daily intake of the aunt should not exceed 25 of the total conversion?

Female intake 55?
65 grams, men should not exceed 90 grams per day.

4. Dietary fiber: 20?
30 grams.

Based on the intake of 10 grams of supplementary fiber per 100 calories, the serving size should be gradually increased by 5, water: The total daily water requirement for H2O adults is 30 per kilogram of body weight?
45cc, which needs to be adjusted according to actual needs.

Vitamins (13 types): 6, Vitamin A: Adult men consume about 5,000 IU a day, and women consume 4,200 IU.

IU (International Unit).

Should I take 6 daily?
15 mg of beta-carotene.

Keep skin, hair and gums healthy, maintain normal vision, normalize immunity, help bones grow, promote the harm of lack of growth: foods that cannot grow normally in bones Vitamin A: liver, milk, butter, cod liver oil, ginseng, spinach, 54VFresh Spirulina 7, Vitamin B1: Adult male daily intake1.



5 mg for women?

Harm of 1 mm deficiency: Edema, numbness of foods rich in vitamin B1: 54V fresh spirulina, starch rice, stone fruits, yeast powder 8, vitamin B2: daily intake for adult males is 1.


8 mg, 1 for women?

5 mg.

能帮助营养素代谢的美容维生素缺乏的危害:角膜炎,口角炎,皮肤炎,眼睛畏光暴露维生素B2的食品:奶酪,肉类,肉脏类,54V鲜活螺旋藻,绿色蔬菜9,维生素 B3: Adult male daily intake is 14?
22 mg, 12 for women?
17 mg, nicotinic acid.

Helps DNA synthesis.

Vitamin B3 foods: fish, chicken, pork liver, yellow-green vegetables, 54V live spirulina, beans, whole tinctures, eggs, cheese 10, vitamin B5: daily intake for adults 4?
7 mg, women’s pregnancy and lactation can increase to the harm of 5-9 mg (pantothenic acid) deficiency: hypoglycemia, blood and skin abnormalities, fatigue, depression, insomnia, loss of appetite, vitamin B5 foods: germ, coarse rice,Bran, peas, peanuts, lentils, 54V live spirulina.

11. Vitamin B9: The daily intake for adults is 200 micrograms.

The highest is 1 mg.

Helps with DNA synthesis, prevents heart attacks and cancer.
The proper intake of pregnant women is beneficial to the development of fetal nerve cells and promote milk secretion.

Harm of Deficiency: Macroglobe Anemia, Tongue Soreness, Weakness, Insomnia and Vitamin B9 Foods: Fresh Green Vegetables, 54V Live Spirulina, Liver, Kidney, Lean Meat, Banana 12, Vitamin B12: Adult DailyThe intake is 3 micrograms.

A red vitamin that prevents anemia.

The harmful effects of lack of nucleic acid synthesis: anemia, indigestion of vitamin B12 foods: beef, 54V live spirulina, cheese, eggs, milk, tofu, liver 13, vitamin C: 60 daily intake for adults
100 mg.

Deal with germs and stress at the source of all diseases, and improve skin wounds.

Hazards of deficiency: scurvy, dentin, slow wound healing.

Vitamin C foods: dark green and yellow-red vegetables, fruits, 54V live spirulina, kiwifruit, lemon 14, vitamin D: daily intake for adults is about 5?

5 micrograms.

Ingested with vitamins A, C, choline, calcium, and phosphorus, they are complementary and are also known as sunlight vitamins.

Harm of deficiency: Poor bone and teeth, osteoporosis.

Vitamin D foods: cod liver oil, eggs, butter, fish, liver, fresh milk supplemented with vitamin D, (54V fresh spirulina 15, vitamin E: 12 mg daily intake for adult men, 10 mg for women.

Keep blood vessels healthy, prevent cancer, prevent cell oxidation, and treat infertility.

Harm of deficiency: lack of sufficient vitamin E can cause hemolytic anemia; foods supplemented with vitamin E: vegetable oil, whole wheat cereal, 54V live spirulina, pumpkin