The most suitable place for a petty bourgeoisie

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The most suitable place for a petty bourgeoisie

Finding a place to stay in a place where you are in a daze is the best place to go for a holiday like a spring season.

Yangshuo West Street, Dali Ancient City, is a good place to hatch the sun.

  Suddenly think of impotence, beautiful landscapes and suitable temperatures, unless people forget the season.

The paradise of the West Street food temptation can not resist the reasons for the West Street, and I, because of the temptation of countless food can not refuse.

  Every time I come here, I will open my appetite without knowing it.

Guilin rice noodles are the most affordable breakfast. Rice noodles and braised pork toppings are only two or three yuan, but they are comparable to buffets.

The sour bean radish and dried sauce cucumbers are complemented by various coloring materials, and the laver soup is ready for you to add.

  What to eat at lunch is the “original roast chicken” that needs to be booked, or is there a “no restaurant” with a very unworthy name?

When you can’t make up your mind, you will stop tangling as soon as you see the signboard of the beer fish.

This famous Yangshuo dish is made from whole live fish with beer and tomato peppers. It looks like a hill on the table, and some of them are extremely heroic.

The joyful laughter of the talents came to an abrupt end, and everyone was concentrating on raising the chopsticks, causing this “stupidity shifting mountains.”

  As the sun sets, the West Street ushers in the most lively nights, and the road is crowded with various vendors.

Find a sugar shop, drink a cup of green bean paste and come to the bowl to make up the cool, sweet and moist.

“Mo Laojiao” can not be met, the dragon must face as fine as the spring rain, the suede is thin to transparent, the shape is gorgeous and delicious, far better than the famous hotel.

The night market in West Street is actually the place where “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” is located.

  You can also choose a coffee shop on West Street to spend your time.

Ming Garden is the best coffee shop in Yangshuo, and many tourists regard it as a must-see.

The mood notes for the guests to express in the store have already written more than one hundred books. If you see your message for a certain month in a certain year, will you feel some emotions?

Although time is changing, we have never stopped looking for an answer to happiness.

The bar is lazy to chat with the Lijiang River. You can’t visit the Lijiang River in the RMB, and the essence of the Lijiang River is in Xingping.

Lijiang is a natural beauty, and it is always suitable for light makeup. So the tour of the Lijiang River does not distinguish the seasons. The sunny scenery is like a meticulous work, and the rainy days are the freehand brushwork.

  The most famous scenic spot in Xingping is Jiu Ma Painting Mountain. It is said that the mountain is shaped like a running horse or a stone wall with nine horses. I have not trimmed it; but I saw many tourists took 20 yuan of banknotes, andIn contrast to the current scenery, although it is said that there are some beautiful scenery, but who is famous for it, the release of the RMB has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

  Compared to the international West Street, Xingping Ancient Town has a certain simple flavor.

The ancient town with an initial history of more than a thousand years still retains the long and old artistic conception of the old street.

Ancient Street is the center of the old town. The one-kilometer-long Shiban Street connects the southeast of Xingping Ancient Town with the Yushutan and Gudu Wharf. It is the main thoroughfare for local residents and merchants.

The ancient buildings with brick and tile structures are still intact.

  Yangshuo went to Xingping, but it took 45 minutes to extend. The shuttle bus from Yangshuo Station has a shuttle every 15 minutes.

You can also stay in Xingping for one night, choose a room with a river view, and see the mountains and rivers.

  Under the warm sun of Yulong River, sitting on bamboo rafts like the morning sun, the cleanliness of the lead, the people who are addicted to the night are still not awake, the empty stone road is full of sunshine, is the exclusive use of early risersbe quiet.

  Take a bicycle tandem bicycle, ride in the sweet morning breeze, drive out of the county street behind the West Street, and join the mountains and rolling countryside.

The wind swept over the cheeks, reminding myself how long it has been, and never experienced the enjoyment of this speed.

  From Yangshuo to Yulong River is not far away, especially in the company of the green mountains and green water, an hour can only be suspected of unfinished.

Yulong River is also called Xiaoying River, and it is too late to show beauty.

The water flow is gentle and the scenery is beautiful. The bamboo raft is most suitable for two people to share. It is a smile in the excellent scenery. The joy of the journey is best to listen to at any time.

  Go all the way, bathe in the warm sunshine.

The oncoming bamboo raft is a hawker who sells food, iced drinks and sweet and sour fruits. It is really intimate.

Always grateful for such a trip, dotted with the darkest seasons, to make you full of warm memories.

  Drift to the old county, and visit the Qing Dynasty houses in Lingnan.The city always seeks new changes, but the people in the city are always searching for traces of history while traveling. It is best to be eternal.

The old county has the name of a vicissitude of life, blue brick gray tiles and horse head walls, and well-preserved monuments can be seen everywhere.

There is also a home inn called the old rain building. Even if you don’t stay, you can go to have a cup of tea. The water in the deep house compound has a special taste. Maybe the taste is called the years.

  ■ Suggested itinerary D1: Shanghai coastal Guilin, change bus to Yangshuo D2: Yangshuo to CMB to Xingping, Lijiang elite section drifting Jiaxingping Ancient Town Tour D3: Yangshuo, ride to Yulong River, bamboo rafting to Gongnong BridgeOn the way back to the old county leisure D4: visit Yangshuo West Street, taste the food to buy handwritten letters, look at the impression of Liu Sanjie performance at night D5: return to Shanghai ■ Accommodation Yangshuo has many very charming hotels, like quiet does not hinder living in West StreetIn addition, the price is relatively cheap.

It is recommended to take the quiet name of the Wumingtang Inn, the price range is 50-120 yuan, you can swing on the balcony comfortably.

  You Yangyou don’t have to prepare for the offense, you can rely on the inn.

Almost every family has a bicycle rental, providing a variety of surrounding routes, and can also get a discount ticket for Miss Liu Sanjie.

Quiet, poetic house in Dali, sun, Dali, the sun is always warmly shining in Cangshan, Bohai, Chongsheng three towers, butterfly spring, the wind is very strong, you walked, the wind blows in, the hat should be blown downBehind him, it just falls in front of you.

This kind of fun thing, fortunately, only in Dali, if you are in Lijiang, I am afraid that you have long been “advented”, “petty capital” and so on, can not feel the fragrance brought by the sun and the wind.

No wonder some people say: Lijiang is a station, “Dali is home.

“If you want to find a place to bask in the sun, Dali is the real life.”

Under the blue sky, the roof of the ancient city has long grass. Some people have said that Dali is faint.

Once you step into the flower world of Sifang Street in the ancient town of Dayan, Lijiang, you will realize the value of Dali sooner or later.

When people are full of desires, watching mountains is not a mountain, and watching water is not water.

After the passion fades, you will start to enjoy the sun in the Bai people’s courtyard with flowers and water in the ancient city of Dali.

  From a height point of view, the clear tile roof of Dali Ancient City is like a square chessboard. There are 5 streets from south to north, 8 lanes from east to west, and a gate in each side of the square.A bit similar, but careful people will polish, the roof of Dali ancient city is grass!

It is this inadvertent “no trimming” that allows the strangers to give birth to a sense of closeness immediately, as if they have returned to their parents’ hometown.

The grass is natural and the flowers are different – each family has a garden, each family’s camellia, outside the cuckoo pattern wall, connected into a strip of flowers and alleys.

“It’s the sound of water flowing from the house, and the households are busy with flowers.”

  Move into the top of the youth for tens of dollars a night, go to eat rice bowls of 5 yuan a bowl, scouring Taobao in a lot of books and small galleries, and you can sit in the sun on the bluestone road of the ancient city.It may be that a white mother is quietly sitting in the sun and taking care of herself.

In this day, you can smell the scent of the sun, and you can still “home” in the ancient city.