New life protein powder

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New life protein powder

Brand: New Life Protein Powder Origin: US Market Price: ¥ 258.

00 Manufacturer: American Natural Health Resources Co., Ltd. Ingredients: Soy protein, concentrated whey protein, soy egg fat.

  Suitable population: children, adolescents, the elderly and those who are injured or recovering after surgery, as well as pregnant and lactating women, and people who need to supplement protein.

  There are dozens of amino acids that the human body needs, nine of which are not synthesized by the human body and must be supplemented by supplements.

Foods containing high levels of protein in your daily diet are: milk, lean meat, cheese, eggs, etc.

However, in addition to high-purity protein foods, supplementing proteins in a healthier way and scientifically and rationally supplementing high-quality protein is one of the positive alternatives to stimulate the body’s natural healing power and induce endogenous protection.

Protein can help the body create new tissue to replace necrotic tissue, transport various nutrients to cells; regulate body water balance; immune system produces antibodies against bacteria and infections; help blood clots and heal in wounds;Helps turn food into energy.

Children, adolescents, the elderly and pregnant and lactating women are those who need to supplement their protein.

  Take the method: Add the protein powder to the glass, add hot water or cold water, and add it to your favorite beverages such as milk.

Take 1-2 times a day, 1-2 spoons each time.