Always pay attention to the mental health problems of the elderly

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Always pay attention to the mental health problems of the elderly

From a psychological point of view, human behavior is governed by psychology, and behavior is an external manifestation of human psychology.

According to the survey data, there are more than one-third of the elderly who are affected by social and psychological factors, and the occurrence of these factors is closely related to the transformation of this social role.

When the old people retired from society to the family, life changed from professional to casual, and the scope of social activities was relatively narrow, resulting in mental health imbalance and depression.

  In the leisure time, the elderly often have a sense of loss, inferiority and loneliness. Especially when the children and grandchildren go to work or after school, or their children are not around, the old man is self-defending, and the melancholy is more difficult to resolve.

At this time, if you invite a few friends and friends, and you are “squatting” for a while, the mental state of the old man can be greatly improved.

  ”Music therapy” can be a brain-healthy chat content up to astronomical geography, down to the parents; large to the national political affairs and social news, small to mortal trivia and chai oil and salt sauce vinegar tea.

When chatting, the old man can not only remember the past of nostalgia, but also the happy old age. He can also talk about the experience of sharing dietary health and prolonging life, eliminating the “heart disease” from “sound therapy”, increasing knowledge and obtaining information.Experience the true feelings in the world, experience the philosophies in Pepsi.

Chatting also helps the elderly to think about preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

  ”Medical therapy” can eliminate loneliness, loneliness and hardship. Once you have time, you can sit at your neighbor’s house or your old friend’s house, squatting on the “big sky” and confiding “the words of the lungs”, and you can throw the sadness and sorrow to the clouds.

Such a simple life has become rich and colorful, and it is beneficial to adjust the mood and broaden the mind and enhance the immunity of the body.

  For the younger generation, filial piety and support for the elderly, in addition to physical support and care in life, but also include spiritual comfort, which is often more important than material care.

As a famous saying goes well: “The son of the god is wide.”

Children should also sing like a song: “Besides finding something, find some time, bring a smile and bring wishes, accompany your lover, and lead the children to go home and see.

“The filial piety of the women and women makes the old people feel mentally relieved and psychologically satisfied. The elderly’s physical health and longevity are the common happiness of the elderly and the younger generation.