[Can Caesarean section drink black chicken soup?

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】 _Celiac birth_Can you drink

[Can Caesarean section drink black chicken soup?
】 _Celiac birth_Can you drink

Usually, people often stew chicken soup to drink. In proportion, everyone prefers black chicken soup. Especially in Guangdong, black chicken soup is very popular. People add a variety of ingredients when cooking black chicken soup, sometimes red dates, wolfberry and longan.Wait, the black chicken soup stewed in this way is very nutritious, especially suitable for those who are weak. The chicken soup is very good for people who are recovering from this serious illness. Then, can the mothers who have had a belly cut to drink the black chicken soup?
Can Caesarean section drink black chicken soup?
Many people are more concerned about how long after the caesarean section can be served with chicken soup.

Women who have a caesarean operation can only arrange a normal diet if they are ventilated.

Most people prepare various kinds of stew for the mother to drink after ventilation. One is to nourish the body, and the other is to let the mother produce more milk.

After the cesarean section, it is best not to rush to prepare chicken soup for the pregnant woman. Although the old hen soup has a good nourishing effect, it is not suitable for people who have just given birth.

Because the concentration of estrogen and progesterone in the blood is greatly reduced after pregnancy, the ovaries and egg coats of hens contain androgens, which will affect the secretion of milk, so it is best to wait for a week to drink chicken soup.

After one week, the mother has started to milk, and the rhythm of milk secretion is relatively stable. There will be no secretion caused by drinking chicken soup. When cooking chicken soup, you can put some blood-enriching ingredients into it.It is more conducive to the recovery of the maternal body. It is necessary to ensure excess nutrition in the diet. Only in this way will the body recover quickly.

Also prepare some drinks to eliminate lochia, motherwort, pork liver soup, catfish soup, are all very good choices to help the lochia be discharged.

When caring for a mother, always prepare nutritious meat stew, as well as fruits and vegetables. A reasonable diet with a vegetarian diet is the healthiest.

When preparing fruits for the mother, it is best to eat them after heating. If the cold fruits are eaten directly to the mother, they will feel uncomfortable in the stomach, and heating and eating will be more conducive to digestion and absorption.

In addition to chicken soup, spinach pork liver soup, laver shrimp skin soup, and tomato soup can be prepared as refreshing clear soups. These foods have high nutritional value, and often drink more oily soups. Maternal women will also get tired of drinking.Happening.

Therefore, it is necessary to change the taste appropriately, and there are many benefits to eating more vegetables when recovering after delivery.